Youtube++ Download with TutuApp for iPhone,iPad.

Now we all love to be with audiovisual media for the day to day life. So that learning, entertaining, news, advertisement and all things are done as a video program. We can attract people for a video than a hard copy on paper. In this way, YouTube is an audiovisual library in the modern world. YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform and YouTube++ is the most popular tweak for the stock YouTube app.

Uses of You tube on your iOS and Android devices.

Millions of Youtube users around the world use this app for entertaining while gaining knowledge as follows;

  • Users can search for and watch videos they want.
  • Like and share other YouTube videos while you can comment on the video.
  • Create playlists to organize videos as you want.
  • You can create your own YouTube channel and upload and share videos you want.
  • Upload videos to your channel
  • Users can subscribe or follow YouTube channels

Download You tube++ for your iPhone, iPad, iPod with TutuApp for free.

Following the Cydia apps Now we can see more ++ apps among users. So Youtube ++ is coming out of the jailbreak community for public use.

YouTube++ is a tweaked version of the official YouTube app. So that all iPhone, iPad users are able of watching videos, downloading, Watch videos in the background, and many more options. Actually the good news is you no need to Jailbreak, or the assistance of a computer.

you tube ++



TutuApp brings you Youtube++ for your iPhone, iPad.

You all may know that the TutuApp is a popular third party app installer for your iPhone,iPad,iPod. We all ways show you that TutuApp brings you tweaked version of the official apps for iOS devices allowing you to use premium features for free. The main advantages of this, you do not need to Jailbreak or get any other assistance to install your desired apps.

  • Block promoted ads
  • Block video ads
  • Enhanced download list
  • In-App Web Browser
  • Hide upload button
  • Choose Default Main Page
  • Download videos to local storage.
  • Customize the number of seconds in forwarding/rewind controls.
  • Auto-replay videos.
  • Set the playback quality to default.
  • Play audio for downloaded videos.
  • Play audio/video in the background

Even slow internet connection you can set the videos into download and ready to enjoy in another time.

First you need to download TutuApp to your i-device.

Then search for You Tube++

To download TutuApp.

Is it legal to have You Tube ++?

Actually You Tube ++ is a tweaked app and It brings you Additional features of You tube as describe above. Mainly the You Tube is coming through YouTube Inc, Google Inc. But here You Tube ++ is developed by @UnlimApps and they may not be associated or affiliated with YouTube Inc, Google Inc.

So as different app with beyond features, you can have this precious app with your iphone,ipad. You do not have any penalty on this.

You Tube ++ is a Better App?

Yes, When we move on it new features, it is a good app for all.

 Here, as an added feature You Tube ++ remove Age restriction. But developers do not hope any misuse the App.   

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Deezer ++ from TutuApp

We all like to be with music. So we always do singing, listing, playing music at least in mind even while working. But in this busy life, most of us used to listen music with hand held mobile phone. Lets talk about Deezer++ which your favorite music app and the way it to have your iphone,ipad for free with TutuApp.

Deezer in brief?

Among many apps, Deezer is popular app for many ios and Android users. Simply Deezer is one of the popular music streaming application. It lets you stream music from popular record labels such as Warner Music Group, Sony, EMI, Universal Music Group and more. There are many features of Deezer which are premium and cannot be accessed for free. But we always love to have premium features with us.

Download Deezer++ with TutuApp to your iPhone,iPad free

Deezer ++

  • What is deezer++ ?

Deezer++ is a tweaked version of Deezer app for iOS devices. It allows you to access everything that offers the premium version of Deezer.

It’s available for download from Tutuapp .

TutuApp : This is the best App store for  latest apps to iOS users. It permits you to download plenty of Applications, Themes, Games & Wallpapers totally free to your  iPhone.


  • Deezer++ Features for your ios Device.

Your favorite music on your finger tip now for free and You can get all the features of the premium version of Deezer for free using this app. Newer features are also offered by the app for your satisfaction.

  • It provides you with soundtracks from different languages.
  • No frequent adds.
  • Offline mode helps to listening music at no internet connection.
  • You will get an extensive collection of music of different genres from international players.
  • The app has an option to download music tracks for free.
  • The sound quality is equally great to offer you the best experience.
  • It provides a simple and sleek user interface to enjoy contents online.
  • No jailbreak to install.

How To Install Deezer++ using TutuApp to iPhone,iPad??

You can install Deezer++ on iOS using TutuApp. It is very simple to you. The installation process is given below.

Using the Safari Browser, first you need to open TuTuApp.

Tap on the Install button and you can see it being installing on the home screen.

When the installation is done, It may not let you open. In this case you have to open the Settings, tap on Profile & Device Management. Enable the Trust for Tutuapp.

Then you can launch TutuApp and search for Deezer++ from this.

Tap on Download.

deezer++ download

Tap on the Install button relative to Deezer++to install the downloaded app the app.

deezer++ install


As it was in the previous you have to trust it first. [Go to Settings and   Profile & Device Management. Then tap on Trust Deezer++]

If you have gone along the above steps, surely you get the app. and then you can enjoy with Deezer ++ with premium options of Deezer. Get Your favorite music albums for free and share with others.


All music lovers are able to feel with new music albums for free with Deezer++ for  free with your iphone,ipad. Deezer ++ offer you premium features of  paid version of Deezer.You can install easily Deezer++ to your i-device for free with TutuApp.

Good luck… 

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