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We all like to be with music. So we always do singing, listing, playing music at least in mind even while working. But in this busy life, most of us used to listen music with hand held mobile phone. Lets talk about Deezer++ which your favorite music app and the way it to have your iphone,ipad for free with TutuApp.

Deezer in brief?

Among many apps, Deezer is popular app for many ios and Android users. Simply Deezer is one of the popular music streaming application. It lets you stream music from popular record labels such as Warner Music Group, Sony, EMI, Universal Music Group and more. There are many features of Deezer which are premium and cannot be accessed for free. But we always love to have premium features with us.

Download Deezer++ with TutuApp to your iPhone,iPad free

Deezer ++

  • What is deezer++ ?

Deezer++ is a tweaked version of Deezer app for iOS devices. It allows you to access everything that offers the premium version of Deezer.

It’s available for download from Tutuapp .

TutuApp : This is the best App store for  latest apps to iOS users. It permits you to download plenty of Applications, Themes, Games & Wallpapers totally free to your  iPhone.


  • Deezer++ Features for your ios Device.

Your favorite music on your finger tip now for free and You can get all the features of the premium version of Deezer for free using this app. Newer features are also offered by the app for your satisfaction.

  • It provides you with soundtracks from different languages.
  • No frequent adds.
  • Offline mode helps to listening music at no internet connection.
  • You will get an extensive collection of music of different genres from international players.
  • The app has an option to download music tracks for free.
  • The sound quality is equally great to offer you the best experience.
  • It provides a simple and sleek user interface to enjoy contents online.
  • No jailbreak to install.

How To Install Deezer++ using TutuApp to iPhone,iPad??

You can install Deezer++ on iOS using TutuApp. It is very simple to you. The installation process is given below.

Using the Safari Browser, first you need to open TuTuApp.

Tap on the Install button and you can see it being installing on the home screen.

When the installation is done, It may not let you open. In this case you have to open the Settings, tap on Profile & Device Management. Enable the Trust for Tutuapp.

Then you can launch TutuApp and search for Deezer++ from this.

Tap on Download.

deezer++ download

Tap on the Install button relative to Deezer++to install the downloaded app the app.

deezer++ install


As it was in the previous you have to trust it first. [Go to Settings and   Profile & Device Management. Then tap on Trust Deezer++]

If you have gone along the above steps, surely you get the app. and then you can enjoy with Deezer ++ with premium options of Deezer. Get Your favorite music albums for free and share with others.


All music lovers are able to feel with new music albums for free with Deezer++ for  free with your iphone,ipad. Deezer ++ offer you premium features of  paid version of Deezer.You can install easily Deezer++ to your i-device for free with TutuApp.

Good luck… 

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Snapchat++ downlod with TutuApp

We all like to share our exiting moments with others with mobile phone. But it should be fast and easy method to use. Snapchat is a mobile app, which is a fast, fun way to share moments with all your friends and family. Actually Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app which you can use with your iPhone or with your Android phone and You can Express yourself with Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis, and all kinds of fun effects. This multimedia messaging app developed by Snap Inc.,

good way to download snapchat++

Snapchat has more than 230 million daily active users with more than 4 billion Snaps are being transfer every day. Don’t be late, join it today if you don’t have it so far.



TutuApp Downloads Snapchat++ to your iPhone,iPad.


Now you can download Snapchat++ form TutuApp easily. Snapchat++ is a modified version of its original app and includes exiting extra features that you won’t find in Snapchat. You do not need to jailbreak to get these features and now you can download Snapchat++  with TutuApp  easily.

 snapchat++ is modified version of snapchat


Features of Snapchat++ On i-Device:

  • It Supports for ios 8 and higher versions
  • You can spoof your location with this ++ App.
  • It facilitates you to increase your recording strength than normal app.
  • You can customize your launch view and notification sounds
  • You can download and save stories of your friends.
  • No Jailbreak or No PC support to install.

Note: Before installing Snapchat++ app to your iphone you should uninstall Snapchat app if you already have.

As a best app installer the tutuapp installs ++ Apps to your iphone free. So you can have Snapchat ++ from tutuapp easily. You do not late to get tutuapp to your iphone first. Actually tutuapp is very legal way to install all kind of tweaked apps, ++Apps to your iphone,ipad. Tutuapp download

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MovieBox Download with TutuApp for Your Android/iOS/PC/TV

MovieBox is most famous application which can use to watch/download movies, tv shows,trailers online. This is movie streaming application using millions of users around the world. TutuApp is your favorite application which can use to install MovieBox application for your device. You can follow many MovieBox related apps online with TutuApp. So here we describe the way, MovieBox Download with TutuApp.


TuTuApp Download

How to install MovieBox with TutuApp for your device

TutuApp MovieBox Common steps

  • Download TutuApp for your device with above direct download link
  • You need to login with Gmail account to create MovieBox account
  • If you do not have invitation code, Please get invitation code from development team or friend to create your MovieBox account
  • Access for your MovieBox account with TutuApp

TutuApp MovieBox – Android users

Android users can install MovieBox APK file to their devices. This Apk file is ready to install Lollipop+ operating systems. Then you can follow these steps to install MovieBox Android version for your device.

  • First install TutuApp from our direct download link to Android Platform.
  • Then tap “MovieBox” to install application for your device
  • Activate unknown source to continue installation process
  • Then tap install & MovieBox will get ready after few seconds of time after following common steps

TutuApp MovieBox – iOS

MovieBox provide third party application installation method for iOS users. Because of the Apple restrictions, Apple rules are very restrict against third party application installation & most apps are removing from the App store. So MovieBox development team released several methods to get MovieBox application for your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch. MovieBox iOS version is ready with iOS 10+ running version, Therefore please update your device to latest iOS version to install for your device.

  • First download TutuApp iOS version for your device. Tap our TutuApp lnk before get MovieBox for your device.
  • We can recommend to install KFPanda Player which is in App store to install MovieBox directly to your device. This application will ready to run third party URL based file with your devices. Therefore please install “KFPanda Player” to your iDevice
  • Then tap MovieBox download link to get for your device – Tap here to download MovieBox
  • Open KFPanda Player to install MovieBox application. Follow these steps Tap below middle sign > Then tap upper plus sign > Now you need to enter Name and URL to get MovieBox with KFPanda Player

Name – MovieBox


  • Follow our above mentioned common steps to get ready with MovieBox

TutuApp MovieBox – Windows/MAC/Linux users

We can recommend to install MovieBox application with Gmail account for your Windows/MAC/Linux computers. TutuApp is not functioning with PC & also third party apps installation method is not success for most of the PC users. Therefore we are recommend to download or watch movies with your login account for PC users.

TutuApp MovieBox – AppleTV & AndroidTV

MovieBox VIP version is only available for AppleTV & AndroidTV users. So you need to get VIP version to install MovieBox for AppleTV or AndroidTV. MovieBox VIP version is only less than 3$ per month & you can get this premium version after paying few amount of money.

AppleTV MovieBox for users

First install TestFlight for AppleTV & also your iPhone. You must login to both devices using same AppleID. Then you need to click invitation link. Please observe process & wait few seconds. Then MovieBox will appear both devices. Good Luck & enjoy with new MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application.

Spotify++ Download with TutuApp

Music is the most popular entertainment in the world. To be cooling my mind, there is no other than that and but also yours. Music in your hand held device is essential with busy life. Among many service providers Sportify is a good application or everyone to use with their smart phone.  Here we describe  Download Spotify++ with TutuApp.

Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs with spotify.

You can download this cute app to your iphone,ipad free with Tutuapp. Tutuapp is responsible to set you this app on your idevice and you no need to jailbreak your device.

This is the free version of the app and you can download it easily from web. But the matter is it doesn’t give you the best features like….

It pops up adds frequently which disturbs your entertaining and fail to select sound quality.Also it gives you limited skipping chances for unlike songs.

Then you have to buy premium version. But you would have to pay for this. In that case most of the people step back and think a while. But don’t worry. Spotify ++ make you a relief for this.

Here is the easy way to have Sportify ++ to your i-device.


Sportify ++ Download

This brings you all the premium features for you free. So you need not to pay and just you want to have the Tutuapp on your device.

TutuApp brings you tweaked, modified, and hacked iOS applications. Then you can find Spotify app in its apps store easily.


spotify++ ios

Version: v9.4

Size         :65Mb


Advantages of Spotify++

  • There is no pop up ads which disturbing you frequently while in operation.
  • You can listen and skip songs on your preferences.
  • Offline music is well function with it.
  • You can select different sound qualities of the songs you listen.

Download TutuApp to your iPhone,iPad.  

Install Spotify++ to your iPhone,iPad in few steps.

  • Tap and open the Tutuapp in your home screen.
  • Type Spotify++ on the search bar of the Tutuapp.
  • Then tap on Get to start installation process.
  • Also tap on the pop up Install buttons to ensure it.
  • You can see the Spotify icon on the home screen after successful installation.

When you going to open  up the app, if it says that Untrusted Developer,

then follow:

Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management. Locate the profile of Spotify and tap on ‘Trust.’

FAQ about Spotify:

Spotify++ is legal ?

Yes, It is completely legal app which you can listen to our favorite songs.  

Is Spotify++ free app?

Yes, You no need any payment for using the app.

Is Sotify ++ premium?

Yes, all its premium features with it.


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