Tutuapp on ios 16

Actually the latest ios version has been come out with wonderful features on your Apple devices. Most of un-touch features now with latest ios 16 version. So you may love to have it with your i-devices and Tutuapp on ios 16. But first you should have idea, what kind of i-devices are compatible with ios 16. Check the list below for your knowledge.

ios 16 tutuapp

You can install ios 16 to bellow i-devices.

Ios 16 compatible iPhones

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (second generation and later)

Ios 16 compatible iPads

  • iPad Mini(fifth generation and later)
  • ‌iPad‌ (fifth generation and later)
  • iPad Air(third generation and later)
  • iPad Pro(all models)


ios 16 comes to with new features to our i-device. As it declared there are interesting try with own device. Lock screen features are most highlighted feature, as well as Focus, iCloud photo library, messages, Mail, safari, Changes are amazing. Live Text works in Photos, Quick Look, Safari, and more. Passkeys, Siri, Dictation, Maps have been changed interestingly.  Apple Pay and  Wallet offer you many facilities than ever.

TutuApp ios 16

TutuApp for IOS

TutuApp as one of  third-party app stores are the alternatives to the official Apple App Store that let you download 3rd party apps on iOS devices outside of the official App Store. TutuApp developers develop third-party app stores and this store allows you to download the applications you cannot get from the official Apple app store. No need jailbreak to install TutuApp to your device.

So to download Apps and games, hacks, MODs to your i-device, which are not in the Apple App store, here would be the best place. Try to install TutuApp IOS to your device with ios16 today.


TutuApp APK 4.1.5

TutuApp APK

It is interesting to say for all Android users that TutuApp APK provide you a grate Android App store to your smart Phone and tab. Not only that, as it is a 3rd party app store it brings you wide range of apps and games. You can readily download all these apps and games where all are free on this premium store. No rooting or modifications prior to install the TutuApp. So it is safe to use it on your device.

You may like to have more apps beyond the default Android App store then this would be the better place for you. There are hundreds of applications and games available here as for free versions and premium versions which you may have to pay subscription price periodically. By using this 3rd party app store you can customize your Android device effectively.

Download TutuApp APK 4.1.5

The latest version of TutuApp APK 4.1.5 now released by TutuApp developers for you. You can easily download it to your device right now

Download TutuApp APK

If you are already with TutuApp then you can easily update your version to the latest. Actually it is better to have the latest version before using the TutuApp and in most cases it will ask you to update to the latest version.

Download and Install TutuApp APK on your Android Phone

Downloading TutuApp is not a puzzle for you. Here you have been provided an easy link to download the TutuApp APK file to your Phone and Tab. It is straightforward for Android platform and keep in mind to allow Unknown downloads in general settings before you begin. As well as a little but enough space is taken by Tutuapp on your device storage.

Features of TutuApp APK

As you all know this cute app installer brings you a wide range of different apps and Games to your Android phone and tab. Most of all popular apps are available on TutuApp store.

On your permission everything is saved directly to your phone without having to access the root of your phone. You can have premium game, apps, mod apps and tweaks to your mobile phone easily with this store for free.

It is obviously categorized all apps and Games in an intelligent manner, so you can find them easily. Also you can search known contents by names.

When you have chosen a app or Game just use the GET button along with the content which allows you to download it. Time taken to download is depending on your connection strength. After downloading your interesting simply click on Install.

Download iOS Customizing tools for free: 3Utools app


Clash of Clan from TutuApp

Your favorite app installer brings you’re the best game o your iPhone, i-Pad and Android smart devices called   Clash of Clan Hack version. With a huge fun it comes to you with nice strategies and features. With added features it comes you as a custom version and no need to put off downloading expect a little tap on get button in TutuApp.

Tutu App Clash of Clan APK MOD

We love to have MOD version of most games as there with more features and TutuApp lets you to have this easy and safe way.

TutuApp Games

As a pioneer 3rd party app installer in the market TutuApp gets you hundreds of apps and games to you. So most of the games get you by Tutu app are hacked modified versions of their originals. So you can have new features whenever you need with this and Tutu App is a wonderful place to download this app.

If you have Android 4+ and above or ios 9 version and later then you can successfully download Tutu App to your device.

Clash of clan

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game. This game was initially released for ios platforms on August 2012 and on Google Play for Android on October 2013. It is a grate strategic game for all players with higher user ratings. Here the player is being a chief of a village and tasks players have to build their own village using the resources gained from attacking other player’s villages with own troops.

Clash of clan 2022 APK

 Clash of clan is with best features on 2022 and still serve for game players effectively. It gets you different formats and you can have different experience with it. Also you can have Maps of Clash of clans, Guide for COC, FANDOM for COC with Tutu App APK and gives you 2022 updates, Bug fixes.

Download Tutu App Clash of clan

All you need apps for clash of clan is now available on Tutu App games. So you have simply install TutuApp ios  to your iPhone,i-Pad, and  Tutu App APK for Android smart devices first. Then you can search for Clash of clan and tap on Get it.

Download Panda Helper

TutuApp for ios 15.5

Download Tutuapp for ios 15

Apple ios newer version ios15 is now spreading among ios users around the world. So you may  be feel free with new features like face time calls, tools to reduce distractions, a new notifications experience, added privacy features, complete redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, and other features. Now  you may be the one of them and like to install 3rd party app installers with it.  According to the new ios system TutuApp is installing its latest apps and games to your i-devices free.

Your favorite app installer Tutuapp is now available for ios 15. With many new features IOS 15 comes to your iPhone, iPad.  But considering the app store you may be prefer to have 3rd party app store to get apps and games for free.

You can also download and install apps that are not available in the iOS app store.

Features of TutuApp on IOS 15

If you want to have latest free and paid apps for free, to your ios 15 device, then download tutuapp for iOS 15. Do not even think about to Jailbreak this for a long time.

  • Easy installation.
  • Less revoke.
  • Regular updates of apps and games.
  • Easy download games and apps than the other third-party app stores.
  • The latest versions of apps and games.

One of the best app stores present for iOS platform to download free apps and games is tutu app.

Alternative apps for TutuApp

Is TutuApp safe app on IOS 15?

TuTuApp is 100% safe to install on your iOS 15 device. Your privacy is safe with the TuTuApp.

How to fix TutuApp Not Installing on ios 15?
This error indicates that are traces of previous TutuApp installation left on your device.

  • If you see the gray icon on the home screen then delete it.
  • Reboot your device and launch the installation again.

Best Video streaming  apps:


MovieBox Pro with App Store – TutuApp Entertainment Apps

App Store is most valuable store using millions of iDevice users. Apple maintain this store under lots of restrictions, Specially iDevice users are unable to customize their device without jailbreak. This is really disadvantage for all users, We have seen some Apple users are concern with other third party apps like 3UTools, Panda Helper, Cydia. Cydia is a one of the best application which is ready only with jailbreak devices. Actually this moment latest Apple devices are unable to jailbreak with any application. So Cydia store is getting week with lack of trusted jailbreak apps.

moviebox pro

How to download MovieBox Pro with App Store

Actually users are unable to download third party MovieBox Pro application with official App Store. You can download Movies Box Pro application as alternative app for MovieBox Pro, This is really useful app developed for iOS users. This application also has more than 4 point user reviews. You can follow this steps to install this application for your device.

  • First open App store application in your device
  • Then search as Movies Box and tap Get to download application for your device
  • Then enter your Apple ID and password to continue installation process.
  • After few seconds you can see MovieBox Pro alternative application is ready with your device.

We can recommend to follow NetFlix and IMDB store for all users. These stores are providing best sources to users with well manner. 

Play Store is also included many applications which are related to this MovieBox application. Some users are already installed application to Apple TV and Android TV well. However users are unable to download Apple TV compatible version with App Store. MovieBox Pro developers are only allow to install app for VIP members. Please follow our download page direct links to get latest version. Our loving users reviews are important to us, Please message/comment your review with this blog. Enjoy with your favorite entertainment apps. Good day for you.

Face App MOD

Tutuapp download face App mod to your Android smart Phone, tabs free.

Everybody likes to appear smart and pretty than normal to a picture. Doing makeup before having a photo is not always possible and sometimes people not happy with the makeup already done. In that case video and photo editing give us much help. Here you no need to be a photo shop expert. There are many apps in the smart world to use for editing photos and videos. One of those apps the FaceApp is very interesting mobile application for all photos and video editing.

As usual your favorite app installer TUTUAPP gets you a best Photos and video editing application to your Android smart phone and tab. Actually this is a free app to you but you have to spend some penny to activate special features of the app.


Face app gives you AI photos and videos editing. It uses effective set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to edit in simple tap. By using above options you can add features like different beards, hairstyles, skin tones to your selfies or pics in your gallery. Also doing photorealistic alterations you can produce many images. You can convert your present appearance much older by processing with the app. Also when it is enable gender swapping, remake your image revising the gender.

faceApp pro MOD


Photo Editing effects of face app mod

  • Quality improve with impression filters
  • Add beard or mustache to the image
  • Change hair color, hairstyle and add volume to your hair.
  • Smooth wrinkle effect
  • Add smiles, glasses,
  • Color lenses effects
  • Remove acne and blemishes
  • Enlarge or reduce facial effects
  • Control brightness, contrast, shadows, temperature, saturation and other effects

Download FaceApp to your smart phone

First you need to install TutuApp to your smart device and then search for FaceApp, download and install it.

tutuapp apk


tutuapp ios

FaceApp Video Editing

Your favorite filters young, old, smile, upset and more… now in your video and apply filters to your recordings to enhance your portrait filming.

After all done the edit you are ready to share your photo or vide with others. So you can use your favorite social media apps to that. You can switch face app edits directly to your social media accounts.

WhatsApp, Telegram, VK are ready to use and you can share via any of other way using other button at share options.

Enjoy with FaceApp today.

TutuApp downloads Disney+ plus MOD

We love movies, definitely everybody likes movies. Among many movie applications that in the market there is a one cute app called Disney+. With the name of its pride this app brings you the best movies and TV shows for free to your device. This app is very creative and designed well. This TutuApp downloads Disney+ plus MOD gives a categorized home where you can search contents easily.


 Downloads Disney+ to your iPhone, iPad and Android smart Phones.

When you open the app, first you have to select the language and then you can see the studios where you can get best movies. Also it has been divided into categories to make it easy to find the right movie. As well you can search for known movies with search button.

Free movies and TV shows

With this best online move app, you can easily see which Disney allows movies from Marvel, Star wars, Pixar, National geographic, and many top brands.

Main sections of the App:

Movies: Here you can find short films with small amount of time. Mostly have only one episode.

Series: you can watch series with many episodes here.

Originals: this brings you the original part of the movie. It is only available exclusively form distributors.

Features of Disney + on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  • Huge content list for your selection
  • It gives 4k quality, HDR, 7.1 Audio for you.
  • Many premium features, mainly all movies are free to watch and no login required.
  • You can download it for unlimited devices over countries with 4K quality.
  • Well categorized contents for your easy download.


Download Disney+ App for free

 How to download Disney+ app to your smart device?
  • Open TutuApp on your smart device. [If you are new then TutuApp  download it first.]
  • Then Search for Disney+ on its search tab
  • Now tap on download button.
  • Let it for installing and give all permissions for better installation.


Watch More Movies and TV shows with Zinitevi free

TuTuApp Review

TutuApp has been serving as one of the popular 3rd party app stores on both Android and iOS. It provides almost any premium app without any need of money. TutuApp lets you to download and install premium games and apps for free. With the time pass it grows its contents frequently. Let’s simply TutuApp review  .

TutuApp ios

Apple user’s who love to have apps beyond the native app-store, must have TutuApp ios version. It brings you thousands of apps and games for free. It gets you free apps, paid apps, mod apps, tweak apps for free.

While you are downloading the app there are two versions of it. Once you open the downloading page there are TutuApp Regular and TutuApp VIP.

TutuApp Vip: This is the paid version of TutuApp and more of TutuApp VIP

TutuApp Regular: This is the free version of TutuApp and  more of TutuApp Regular.

Can you install this for ios 15?

TutuApp for ios 15

Interesting to say that TutuApp offers all its features for ios 15 and all lower versions. Still no way to install non apple store apps other than 3rd party app stores for ios15 when jailbreak is far away.  So you can directly use Tutuapp for downloading.


TutuApp Lite

TutuApp Lite is a lightweight version of TutuApp. This is ideal if you are facing TutuApp profile verification failed issues. TutuApp  Lite version will provide you all the necessary third-party apps and games.  Download TutuApp Lite.

You no need to jailbreak or to get pc support to install this precious app to your iPhone,iPad.

Is tutuApp ios a Safe app?

Yes, It is a safe app. All its versions are safe to use on your device as it does not bring you virus or malware. Also you no need to jailbreak or use apple id for working with it.

 TutuApp APK

TutuApp Apk is well built version of TutuApp for android devices. It supports for all android versions above from android 4. It is recommended to update all apk to the latest while using for better performance. You can easily use the APK for smart phone , tablets. As well  you can run APK with emulators for PC use.

TutuApp for 2022

Nice to say that this precious app comes for the next year with huge content to your iphone, ipad and as TutuApp APK to your android devices.

Free Video streamer Zinitevi

TutuBox download to your iPhone, iPad

TuTuBox is exactly good app store for your iPhone, iPad. By using it you are free to download thousands of better apps and games. You are easily download different kinds of applications with tutubox app like utility apps, emulators and games to movie apps, music apps, video editors, etc.

It has much better interface for you and on the home screen, tutu box will display all its games apps in a fine manner. Also it will display top apps, which popular downloads and some best app suggestions under “Our Picks” is available. After that you will see a sub category starting from TuTuBox Apps, Emulators, Jailbreaks, Games and Tweaked Apps under Sections menu.


TuTuBox Compatible ios Devices

iPhone Devices :

iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st gen), iPhone SE (2nd gen)

iPad Devices :

iPad Pro (4th gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen), iPad Pro (3rd gen) iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad Pro (2nd gen), iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad (7th gen), iPad (6th gen) iPad (5th gen), iPad mini (5th gen), iPad mini 4, iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad Air 2

iPod Devices :

iPod touch (7th gen)

Download TuTuBox to your iPhone, iPad

You No need to  jailbreak your ios device to download Tutubox.  Also you no need to get PC support then you can directly have it to your device itself. So, it is completely safe app to your iOS device. But you can not download it from your device App store.

Features of TutuBox on iPhone, iPad

You can install the following jailbreak tools from TuTuBox.
  • Unc0ver Without PC
  • Electra Without PC
  • H3lix Tool Without PC
  • Double H3lix Tool Without PC
  • Pheonix Tool Online
  • Pangu Tool Online
  • Home Depot Online
Popular Apps and games available for you  on TutuBox
  • Angry Birds 2 Hack
  • Candy Crush Saga Hack
  • ChimeraTV
  • Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack
  • Into The Dead 2 Hack
  • Iron Marines Hack
  • Unc0ver TV
  • TutuBox Shanghai
  • TutuApp VIP
  • Spotify
  • Sniper 3D Hack
  • PvZ Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack
  • PlankFilza
  • Pandora++
  • PUBG Mobile Hack
  • NFS Need For Speed No Limits Hack

This may be a good alternative app for many 3-rd party app stores.

Download TUTU APP

Download 3Utools PC


TutuApp Instagram ++for your iPhone,iPad.

In the social media bunch next main character is Instagram, other than facebook, twitter, Youtube…which is one of the best social media apps used by millions of users sharing billions of their social activities.

So here we talk about TutuApp Instagram ++ for your iphone, ipad which gets you by sweet app installer, TutuApp. See also facebook++, WhatsApp++, YouTube++…

There are many Interesting features of Instagram++ on iPhone,iPad


Uses of instagram on your iPhone,iPad

This is a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform for your device

Instagram allows users to edit and upload Instagram which, online photo-sharing application and social network platform photos and short videos through a mobile app.

It lets you to add a caption to each of your posts and use hash-tags and location-based geo tags. Then you can index these posts and make them searchable by other users within the app.

You can select post by a user appears on their followers’ Instagram feeds and can also be viewed by the public when tagged using hash-tags or geo-tags.

Also you have an option of making your profile private and only to see your followers.

  • You are able to share photos/videos directly from Instagram++
  • For  sharing or to download a photo,simply you have to double-tapping on its thumbnail.
  • Also there is a option to enable always play sound while scrolling down through your feed.
  • Post double-clicking a photograph, the app will seek your confirmation whether you really want to like the photo/video or not.
  • You can disable the read receipts for the messages sent.

Instagram ++


Download and Install Instagram++ to your iPhone,iPad

If you are new to TutuApp then download TutuApp to your iphone,ipad first. Then follow the steps bellow…

  1. Open TutuApp on your Device
  2. Search for Instagram++ on its search option.
  3. Tap on Download and be cool to download it to your device.
  4. Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> Trust on Instagrame.
  5. Now open the app on your home sreen.
  6. Enjoy it features well.

Download MovieBox Pro for  Video Streaming.

Download 3Utools for Customizing IOS.