TutuApp alternative 3UTools download for Windows & MAC

TutuApp is your favorite third party application which is compatible for mobile platform. This application is support for Ios & Android running devices. TutuApp free & VIP versions are included tons of apps and games for users. Therefore most users are interesting to download this application for their devices.


Can download TutuApp for PC ?

No, This application is unable to install for Windows/MAC/Lijux running personal computers and tabs. Therefore most TutuApp lovers are interesting with other applications for their personal computers. What is the best alternative application for PC users ? We can recommend 3UTools application for all TutuApp lovers to install for their devices. This is the best application which can use for multiple purposes.

What is 3UTools ?

This is Windows running third party app installer for users. This application specially designs for mobile users to synchronize apps for your devices. However this is kind of guided based application for users. We have seen some Ios users are using as jailbreak guided application.

However this is kind of third party app store which included hundreds of features for users. This moment 3UTools application is not compatible with MAC platform. If you are MAC user, Please install Virtual Windows application to run with your platform. However you can touch with updated MAC version recently.

How to install 3UTools for your device ?

  • First open Google from your browser and search as 3UTools
  • Download application file for your device, Then extract zipped application
  • Then running application – Allow to installation – Continue installation process
  • Finally you can see 3UTools is ready with your device after few seconds

How to install mobile apps with 3UTools ?

  • Please connect your mobile device to personal computer using USB cable.
  • Then you can see 3UTools application is detecting your device and device model is appear in the 3UTools application
  • Then select application & download for your 3UTools application
  • Now tap synchronize button to install application for your connected mobile device
  • Please wait until end of application installation process

How to uninstall 3UTools ?

This is not mobile running application. Therefore users can uninstall application as other pc apps removal method. Open control panel – Programs – Uninstall – Select application & remove from your device.

3UTools application un-installation does not depend on installed applications. Therefore this app removal not depend on other installed applications.

Can download PC apps with 3UTools ?

This application is provide some mobile related pc apps for users. This is kind of main advantage of 3UTools application. Specially you can download jailbreak apps without any restrictions from this application for your device. 3UTools provide best application compatible with your device model automatically. This feature is valuable for all users who do not have basic knowledge about apps.

3UTools is providing A to Z solution for users. So if you love for TutuApp, Please download 3UTools for your device as your second app store.

We are unable to find any TutuApp for PC users beside 3UTools. Download it now & touch with many features. If any error regarding installation and use of application, Please comment here.

Best Cydia alternative TutuApp for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Cydia is a best third party application which can use for Apple devices. This application is ready to install only with jailbreaking your device. We have seen most of the Apple users are does not like with jailbreak process. Because their devices warranty will gone.

If you already jailbroken your device, You can keep Cydia & TutuApp both applications with your device.

Jailbreak main effect is  some unwanted application will be install to the device without apple restrictions. We are unable to recommend jailbreak process for users because some virus applications can easily act with your device.

Can your device jailbreak ?

This is mainly depend on your device Ios users, You can follow unc0ver jailbreak application for latest device users to install Cydia application.

Brackra1n application is also another best solution for jailbreak your device. Cydia application included more than two hundreds applications for users. All of these applications are not available with App store & some of these applications are ready to customize your device. Therefore only few member of users are moving with jailbreak applications.

TutuApp is our recommended application can install without jailbreaking your device.

TutuApp APK

This application is also compatible with Android platform well. TutuApp is ready to install all devices, Users are do not require to check version to install this application. Apple Ios users can install TutuApp for Ios 5+ running iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Android running users can download Lollipop+ running operating systems. However we have seen this application is compatible with lower versions well.

Your most required Cydia applications are available with TutuApp. So we thought jailbreak will not need for users if TutuApp is alive with you. We have seen some users are getting brick their devices with lack of jailbreak knowledge.

We can recommend to follow Youtube videos before install Cydia application for your device. Because we have seen some fake jailbreak and Cydia applications are ready to install for your devices. These applications are acting like Cydia & most of these apps are available for users without jailbreaking.

You can download application latest version from our direct download link. You can follow our download page to install application for your device.

Download TutuApp


Alternative apps for TutuApp & Cydia

We have seen some applications were released for users to touch with these applications features. We can list apps as follows.

Most of these applications are only compatible with Ios devices. Because Apple included too much restrictions with their devices.  Therefore developers are releasing apps which are touch with other features for Ios users. However TutuApp store included thousands of apps which are not available in other applications.

TutuApp VIP

Its store is regular updating by development team, Therefore users can install latest updated application without any error. TutuApp free version can upgrade for VIP with your requirement. This VIP version included much more applications for users & also you can touch with premium features with this free application.

Any any error regarding TutuApp & alternative app installation & using, Please comment to us..