MovieBox Pro iOS

MovieBox/MovieBox Pro supports any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. You can install this app on iOS 10+ running devices. We like to give you all possible ways to download this amazing application for your device. At this moment MovieBox Pro application is ready to download online and offline for your iOS devices.

Download MovieBox Pro for iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

MovieBox Pro development team provided four methods to install this application for iOS users. We can list four methods as follows.

  1. TestFlight installation method
  2. KFPanda Player installation method
  3. AltStore installation method
  4. Cydia installation method

TestFlight installation method

Users can download MovieBox Pro with the Apple App Store TestFlight application. This is one of the recommended methods by the developers to install the latest MovieBox Pro app for any iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can get a more stable application with this method.

KFPanda Player method

This is another recommended method from the development team to download MovieBox for iOS devices. The application, KFPanda Player is also in Apple’s official App Store and you can install the MovieBox Pro using KFPanda Player for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

AltServer method

MovieBox Pro application can download for your devices with AltServer application. This is third-party application is ready to download for your devices with AltServer. This application is compatible to download with Windows/MAC running PC/Laptops. However AltServer application is required to refresh every seven days.

Cydia method

You can install MovieBox Pro with the Cydia app for your device. Actually this required jailbreaking your device and install Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. After installing Cydia on your device, you can easily download MovieBox app for your device.

About “Invitation code” for MovieBox Pro

Invitation code is a special code which use to invite new users. If you new to MovieBox Pro, you should have an Invitation Code to download and activate the app. Uhterwise, you are unable to use this app with your device.

How to get an “Invitation code” ?

Currently, there are two ways to get this code for new users;

  1. You can ask for a code from an existing user – MovieBox Pro developers give the opportunity for existing users to create and share code to invite new users. However, the new user need to meet any one of the conditions below, and the code can only be used within 15 minutes after the generation,
    • In the same local area network
    • In the effective range
  2. Ask from the developers – Send a mail and ask for a code from [email protected]. They will probably invite you to the gang. You have to wait until the invitation code receives for your email, actually, this will take a few minutes to few days.

Update : Unable to get an Invitation code for MovieBox Pro?

As you also know, it is unable to use MovieBox Pro without an Invitation code. Are you still wating for a code? Don’t worry! Instead, we highly recommend to download,  ZiniTevi – best ever MovieBox alternavite app for your device. ZiniTevi is the completly free and amazing app to watch/download movies and TV series on any device.

Download ZiniTevi for iOS