TutuApp Downloads Shazam to your iPhone,iPad and Android Smart phone.

Throughout a day we do many things but many of us used to listen songs while working. When we listen songs, most of the times we like to sing or at least murmur it. Here is the best way to enjoy the song in heart which makes your stress away and brings you relax.  In that case it is better to be known its lyrics.  Sometimes, we are unable to catch actual word. So in this smart world, all your needs in your finger tip. That means there is a best App which has been developed  by Shazam Entertainment Ltd to your iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices, called Shazam. TutuApp Downloads Shazam is an app that helps you to discover music, videos and lyrics.



Shazam is light weight app for your smart phone whether it is Apple or Android. Shazam can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device.

Interesting Features of Shazam for you.

  • You can explore lyrics, videos and playlists on this app of your favorite tracks.
  • The app Shazam can literate any song in a few seconds.
  • You are easily store songs in local and You can add your desired tracks to Apple Music and Spotify Playlist.
  • It lets you to find songs of your favorite vocalists easily with this app.
  • The app allows you to enjoy both new videos and music from your favorite music band or artist.
  • You may tune in to what the world is listening to as it responds for different languages.
  • You can create your  own  mix playlist [user playlist] on it.
  • Also you can  set a ringtone from the Shazam.
  • You can Share songs with friends through Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  WhatsApp and more…
  •  Preview is available with the songs here.
  • It brings you recommended songs for your easiness.

Shazam is the fastest way to discover music as well as It is better to know that availability and features may vary by country.

All above features are available with Free to you.  But this is Adds supported. So you may be experienced pop up add while using.

Is there a way to get free from adds? Yes it brings you premium version without adds called Shazam Encore.

TutuApp for your iPhone,iPad And Android smart phone

Your favorite third party app installer the TutuApp is always ready to get you most popular apps for free.  Most of them are ++ and hacked versions. You can get TutuApp easily here not only for IOS users but also Android users are well suit to get this App and use the link bellow for more.

Tutuapp download here

You are able to get Shazam app from TutuApp very easily By searching it in TutuApp. Download and install it as other apps and no special facts to follow.


What is shazam?

It is A  mobile App which identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device in a few seconds.

What is shazam Encore?

It is the premium version of shazam with no pop adds.

But you have to pay to get this shazam encore and its original app  still comes with Apple App store only for iphone,ipad and Apple watch.

Have a fun with Shazam!.


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