Face App MOD

Tutuapp download face App mod to your Android smart Phone, tabs free.

Everybody likes to appear smart and pretty than normal to a picture. Doing makeup before having a photo is not always possible and sometimes people not happy with the makeup already done. In that case video and photo editing give us much help. Here you no need to be a photo shop expert. There are many apps in the smart world to use for editing photos and videos. One of those apps the FaceApp is very interesting mobile application for all photos and video editing.

As usual your favorite app installer TUTUAPP gets you a best Photos and video editing application to your Android smart phone and tab. Actually this is a free app to you but you have to spend some penny to activate special features of the app.


Face app gives you AI photos and videos editing. It uses effective set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to edit in simple tap. By using above options you can add features like different beards, hairstyles, skin tones to your selfies or pics in your gallery. Also doing photorealistic alterations you can produce many images. You can convert your present appearance much older by processing with the app. Also when it is enable gender swapping, remake your image revising the gender.

faceApp pro MOD


Photo Editing effects of face app mod

  • Quality improve with impression filters
  • Add beard or mustache to the image
  • Change hair color, hairstyle and add volume to your hair.
  • Smooth wrinkle effect
  • Add smiles, glasses,
  • Color lenses effects
  • Remove acne and blemishes
  • Enlarge or reduce facial effects
  • Control brightness, contrast, shadows, temperature, saturation and other effects

Download FaceApp to your smart phone

First you need to install TutuApp to your smart device and then search for FaceApp, download and install it.

tutuapp apk


tutuapp ios

FaceApp Video Editing

Your favorite filters young, old, smile, upset and more… now in your video and apply filters to your recordings to enhance your portrait filming.

After all done the edit you are ready to share your photo or vide with others. So you can use your favorite social media apps to that. You can switch face app edits directly to your social media accounts.

WhatsApp, Telegram, VK are ready to use and you can share via any of other way using other button at share options.

Enjoy with FaceApp today.